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This is kind of a long story, it begins with Emily and I out shopping today. She “chose” her own Easter dress when I was grocery shopping at BJ’s. It’s kinda funny. She just hopped off the cart, grabbed the dress and threw it in the cart, and hopped right back on.. I just giggled and got it and hung it right back up. She then hopped off the cart again, and grabbed the dress, threw it back in the cart and said “No, Mommy, Boo take it home!” So apparently, she is going to have much more of an opinion when it comes to clothing than her big sisters have. I have had it pretty easy so far in that department. So, I gave in and let her get the dress for Easter, and even got a matching one for Hannah. Of course when we came home, she thought she could wear it the rest of the day. She couldn’t WAIT to show her daddy. But, I drew the line and wouldn’t let her wear it to play and dance in. So she settled for an older dress and wore it the rest of the day. She always wants to listen to music and dance. She has even figured out how to work the stereo, and her favorite song lately is of course Steven Curtis Chapman’s “Cinderella” (I can’t imagine why!). So, all the girls got up from the dinner table and danced and danced with Boo to “Cinderella”. They danced until the rest of “my daughters” came in for bible study/small group – they gave quite a show!




  1. Wife and Mom says:

    Something just dawned on me . . . does Richard at least have a “man room” of some sort. I never weighed out just how out numbered he really is. Girls, girls, and more girls . . . he’s gotta be quite a guy.

  2. heatherostee says:

    He does have somewhat of a man room – he has a DRUM ROOM!!! He is definitely outnumbered around here, but he takes it all in stride. And yes, he is quite a guy!

  3. Jennie says:

    I can’t wait to see “Boo” She’s my kind of gal – loves to shop, cook in her kitchen and listen to music. Aunt Jennie’s waiting for hugs from all her neices.

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