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Did you know that Heather O’Steen Photography began way back in 2007, under the name of Timeless and Treasured Photography?  Fourteen years is a LONG time to still be pursuing this little business!  During most of those years, my business took a back seat to being a stay at home mom to my three girls, which was actually the name of this blog for many years! My Three Girls.

So much has changed from those days long ago when I dreamed of pursuing my little photography business.  Our three little girls are mostly grown now, our homeschooling days are behind us and about two years ago I decided to take this little hobby business of mine and make it a full time job!

After working hard to establish myself in the wedding industry, I realized weddings are just not where my heart is at.  I was given the opportunity to attend the first annual Pas De Deux Dance Photography Conference in early 2020 and my little business was FOREVER changed!!  I have to thank the director, Ron McKinney for finding me on Instagram #hashtagsareimportant and convincing me to attend that conference!

All three of my girls were ballerinas, but the youngest one, well – it has become her passion.  Photographing dance is something I have done for many many years – but now my little girl’s passion and mine have collided into one big beautiful love of dance photography. My focus (get it?!) has now shifted to being a dance photographer.  I took the crazy year that Covid threw at us and focused all my attention on growing the dance side of my business and stopped booking any future weddings.  I created a Dance Ambassador Team – more to come on that later, and my schedule is now booked for months! When you can find that one thing that makes you forget about everything else while you’re doing it – then you have found your calling and your passion.   The challenge that is presented when trying to catch that 100th of a second while a dancer is at the perfect height of a leap just makes my soul sing!  My little business is busier than it has ever been and I couldn’t be happier!  I hope you too can find that one thing that you love so much that it makes you forget to stop and take a potty break! 🙂  Here are just a few of my favorite recent dance photos.

Heather OSteen Dance Photography, Dance Photography

Heather Osteen Rain Shoot, Splash Session, Rain Machine Dance Photo


I am still photographing all the things I normally do! Families, engagements, seniors, newborns and more!

I am a portrait and dance photographer, I am just no longer booking weddings.  You will still see plenty of weddings though throughout the year while I finish up all ones that have been on my calendar, and have been bumped up due to covid.

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Heather O’Steen is a Dance Photographer serving Harford, Baltimore, Cecil and surrounding counties. Heather creates powerful and unique photographs that capture the grace, strength and soul of the dancer which are designed to visually inspire and captivate. She works intimately with each dancer in their very own “pas de deux” movement – the dancer and the photographer working together to create a beautiful work of art.

Dance recital photography, dance stage photography, rain photography, color powder photography.


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