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H.O.P. Ambassadors

The first inaugural 2021 HOP Ambassador Team started with just a simple idea - uniting the dance community while making new friends, representing your dance studio and promoting the Heather O'Steen Photography (HOP) brand. What it became was much more than we ever imagined! This team supported each other in ways that went well beyond what they signed up for.  They became a family, a sisterhood, with a couple of amazing dance brothers too! 

The 2021 team was made up of 50 dancers representing 22 different dance studios.  For the 2022 team, we selected just 34 dancers to create a smaller community that gave more opportunity to create relationships. This year, the team is going to be even more carefully selected, giving us a small group of ambassadors all dedicated to the same mission, with the same passion and energy for creative and artistic collaboration opportunities. 

it all started with a camera and 

a dream

new this year. . . .

- instead of committing to an entire year as an ambassador, your term will be only six months from March through August 2023 

- your spotlight session must be scheduled before August 31

- the dance friends you refer who book a session with HOP receive a 15% discount, when you refer five booked dance sessions your spotlight session is half off, when you refer ten booked dance sessions your spotlight session is free

- our team size will be drastically smaller this year, providing a much more intimate close knit community of approximately
20 ambassadors, giving you more time in front of the camera at our events

Heather O'Steen is an official "Preferred Photographer" for

dance wear brand

This means that during the year we will be hosting several additional ambassador photoshoots modeling for Bodywrappers products, costumes and dance wear! 

Ambassadors will be modeling for photos, reels and content for Bodywrappers social media and website use. 

Additional opportunities to model for other dance wear brands may also be available. 


HOP Ambassadors are strong dancers, comfortable in front of a camera, friendly and outgoing, committed to uniting the dance community, encouraging of your fellow teammates, and a good representative of your dance studio and the HOP brand. 

You must have an established Instagram account, a private or parent run account is okay.  You must commit to sharing your dance images at least once a month, engage on social media with HOP and your teammates, and overall promote the Heather O'Steen Photography brand on social media.  

You will be invited to attend at least three styled photo shoots, as well as have potential opportunities to model for several dance wear brands.  You will receive FREE web sized images from all events you attend.  During your six month term you are required to book your private Spotlight Session starring just YOU, you can earn this session for half off or even free by referring your dance friends to HOP.   This includes all high resolution digital images, several outfit changes, and a special promotion on the HOP social media.  You must be willing to attend photo shoots in the Baltimore, MD area. 

what is required to be a 

HOP ambassador?

Being a HOP Ambassador means you are a LEADER in the dance community! You will represent not only the HOP brand, your dance studio, the dance community at large, but you also get to model in styled shoots for well known dance wear brands. 

The best part of being a HOP ambassador is the community you will find! When you are a member of the #HOPsquad you have a built in circle of friends who share your love of creating beautiful art! You will meet new friends, have a blast at fun photo shoots, and receiving amazing photos is just an added bonus for building your online social presence to help further your dance career!

Some of the events our ambassadors participated in last year included a pool party, color powder portraits, glow in the dark paint party, a dancers & dogs themed shoot, a pastel studio shoot and more! 

what are the benefits of   

HOP ambassador?

being a 

An ambassador program is a win-win for both sides! You get at least four photo shoots for less than the price of one (or even free!), a built in community, new dance friends, modeling opportunities, parties, HOP merch and more!  In return, you simply have to spread the word about Heather O'Steen Photography by regularly sharing your beautiful photos on social media and referring your friends to HOP! It's a beautiful relationship!  

win - win!!

"First of all, Heather is beyond talented and a dream to work with. Being a HOP Ambassador this year was not only exciting, but it allowed me to connect with dancers from other studios that share the same love of dance. The best part was the support I felt from the other ambassadors. If you love dance, love photography, and want to be part of a team that is supportive of each other, I would recommend this wonderful opportunity."


"..the best part was the support I felt"

".... the best part was the support i felt"

maya vert

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"I finally have a vision for business growth."

what people are saying

ambassador Keaton

"My favorite part of being a HOP ambassador was meeting new friends from different dance studios.  Being a HOP ambassador meant a lot to me because it allowed me to do many photo sessions where I could show off my love for dance! "

".. meeting new friends"

what they are saying


ambassador Chloe

"Since everything from past years was pretty much canceled, it really gave all of us ambassadors something to look forward to.  I've met so many talented dancers and was able to bring my love of dance out of the studio. Heather always made me feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera which is incredibly important for young girls. If this is only the beginning, I can't wait to see next year!" 

"..made me feel confident"

what they are saying

ambassador Ava


Each styled shoot event will have a fun new theme! One of the best parts of these opportunities is being able to express yourself as a dancer outside of the dance studio.  When the art of dance is combined with the art of photography, as beautiful new art medium is created.  You as a dancer bring your own style, knowledge and technique, and I as a photographer bring my own style and photography knowledge and together we create a new art medium -
Dance Portraits!

All events are always free, but when you refer five friends who book a dance session, your own spotlight session is 50% off. If you refer ten booking friends, then your spotlight session is free!  Friends that you refer also receive a 15% discount.

In the true spirit of  "community over competition" you are always welcome to work with other photographers during your term as an ambassador. You are welcome to be ambassadors, spokesmodels and representatives for other brands such as dance wear, etc. but you many only represent the HOP brand for photography.

on location 


hop team


During your six month term as an ambassador (March-August), we will meet one on one to do your very own dance portrait session at a mutually agreed upon location. These spotlight sessions allow you to express yourself as a dancer, stretch your dance imagination, wear several outfit options, receive all the high resolution digital images and be featured on the HOP Instagram page.  Normally $650, you can earn this for half off or free depending on your referrals. 

your time to shine



tracey z.

"The true highlight of the HOP team is the friendships my daughter has made and the experiences she had - dancing in the rain, glowing in the dark, running on hills at sunset and so much more.  Heather is an amazing photographer and delivered breathtaking photos, but the real takeaway is how she showed this group of young women the power of supporting one another.  I am forever grateful, for the photographs and the experience."

"..i am forever grateful, for the photographs & the Experience"

maya vert

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"I finally have a vision for business growth."

what people are saying


Being a HOP ambassador comes with long term benefits as well.  Once you complete three consecutive terms as an ambassador, you will achieve Diamond Alumni status, and all future photo sessions of any kind with HOP will earn a 10% discount and you will become a Forever Ambassador! 

membership has its benefits

alumni achievement awards



We are looking for fresh new talent to join our team, however previous ambassadors are of course welcome to apply.  If you love the HOP brand, are committed to your part of the collaboration, want to unite the dance community while earning credits toward your own discounted or free spotlight session, now is your chance! 

Ages 8 - 18

count me in! 

how to apply


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