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Do you want to be part of a team that unites the dance community?

H.O.P. Ambassadors

The first inaugural 2021 HOP Ambassador Team started with just a simple idea.  Uniting the dance community while making new friends, representing your dance studio and promoting the Heather O'Steen Photography (HOP) brand. What it became was much more than I ever imagined! This team supported each other in ways that went well beyond what they signed up for.  They became a family, a sisterhood, with one amazing dance brother too!  The 2021 team was made up of 50 dancers representing 20 different dance studios. 

it all started with a
camera and 

a dream

Participate in at least one free themed photo shoot with the ambassador team. 

Commit to sharing your free web sized images on social media monthly to promote Heather O'Steen Photography.

Book at least one paid dance session during the summer of your term as ambassador ($550 value - you can earn credits).

Represent your local dance studio well as an outside ambassador and be supportive of your fellow HOP teammates online and in person.  Six years old and up.

what is required to be a 

HOP ambassador?

An established Instagram account is required to be considered to join the HOP Ambassador team. 

Grow your own social media account while promoting pro level dance photos of yourself, experience your own Spotlight Session starring YOU, receive free HOP swag, and be invited to exclusive group shoots and events. 

Help bring the dance community together with a mission of community over competition, while possibly being featured on our website, social media and in our marketing. 

Be the first to experience new portrait session ideas for Heather.  The 2021 team enjoyed silhouette sessions, splash sessions, color powder, glow in the dark sessions and much more!

Have a blast being a part of the H.O.P dance family, enjoying beach parties, dance parties and more all while building friendships and  supporting each other on line and in real life!

what are the benefits of a  

HOP ambassador?

"First of all, Heather is beyond talented and a dream to work with. Being a HOP Ambassador this year was not only exciting, but it allowed me to connect with dancers from other studios that share the same love of dance. The best part was the support I felt from the other ambassadors. If you love dance, love photography, and want to be part of a team that is supportive of each other, I would recommend this wonderful opportunity."


"..the best part was the support I felt"

".... the best part was the support i felt"

maya vert

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"I finally have a vision for business growth."

what people are saying

ambassador Keaton

"My favorite part of being a HOP ambassador was meeting new friends from different dance studios.  Being a HOP ambassador meant a lot to me because it allowed me to do many photo sessions where I could show off my love for dance! "

".. meeting new friends"

what they are saying


ambassador Chloe

"Since everything from the past year was pretty much canceled, it really gave all of us ambassadors something to look forward to.  I've met so many talented dancers and was able to bring my love of dance out of the studio. Heather always made me feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera which is incredibly important for young girls. If this is only the beginning, I can't wait to see next year!" 

"..made me feel confident"

what they are saying

ambassador Ava


Dancers of all ability levels will be selected to represent many different dance studios from all over Harford, Cecil, Baltimore and surrounding states and counties. You will get to meet new dance friends and help bring our dance community together. Community over competition is part of the Heather O'Steen Photography mission! You are required to book one paid Spotlight Session during the summer of your term as an ambassador. You will be required to share a certain number of your images on social media, promoting Heather O'Steen Photography. You will also spread the word by sharing your customized digital ambassador card with your photos on them! When you refer five friends who book a dance session with me, your spotlight session with me is 50% off. If you refer ten booking friends, then your session is free! Your friends that you refer also receive a discount.

In the true spirit of  "community over competition" you are always welcome to work with other photographers during your term as an ambassador.

on location 


hop team


During your time as an ambassador, we will meet one on one to do your very own dance portrait session at the location of your choice. These spotlight sessions allow you to express yourself as a dancer, wear several outfit options, receive all the high resolution digital images and be featured on the HOP Instagram page. 

your time to shine



tracey z.

"The true highlight of the HOP team is the friendships my daughter has made and the experiences she had - dancing in the rain, glowing in the dark, running on hills at sunset and so much more.  Heather is an amazing photographer and delivered breathtaking photos, but the real takeaway is how she showed this group of young women the power of supporting one another.  I am forever grateful, for the photographs and the experience."

"..i am forever grateful, for the photographs & the Experience"

maya vert

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"I finally have a vision for business growth."

what people are saying


Being a HOP ambassador comes with long term benefits as well.  Once you complete three consecutive years an ambassador, you will achieve Diamond Ambassador status, and all future photo sessions of any kind with HOP will earn a 10% discount.  Once you complete five consecutive years as an ambassador you will achieve Forever Ambassador status and will earn a 20% forever discount with HOP.

membership has its benefits

alumni achievement awards


of the year award

The ambassador who brings in the most booked dance portrait session referrals each year to HOP wins a $200 Visa Gift Card! 


ambassador of the year 2021


Previous ambassadors are welcome and encouraged to re-apply for the team!  We are looking for alumni teammates who properly posted their dance photos monthly, were responsive to emails, and who were active in building each other up in our online community. All dancers will be considered regardless of ability level.  Brand new ambassadors are welcome to apply as well!

count me in! 

how to apply


applications will be opening soon!