Are you ready to be booked months in advance with                                       clients?   

dance photography

Are you ready to be booked months in advance witH


Maybe you're brand new to dance photography, or you've been doing this for a while and you're ready to make an impact in the lives of dancers, level up your profit margin and bring a sense of community to your photography business. You wish you knew a little more about dance technique and how to work with dancers safely. 

You wish you had more dance clients that value you and your work and keep coming back for more. Plus, you would love to belong to a friendly network of fellow dance photographers.

You wish you could FINALLY understand studio lighting and off camera flash, and how to combine it with natural lighting.  You are ready to stop working around the clock to try and find dance clients who want to work with you.

Then you are in the right place - keep reading my friend! 

Do you want to photograph dancers but feel LIKE THIS? 

if you could feel
like this


you have built a community around your business filled with clients who bring in new referrals and keep them coming back for more


You finally 
understand off
camera flash, studio lighting and feel confident working in any lighting conditions


Your calendar
is consistently
with dancers you connect with 
who love
working with


NOW                             you could feel like this


So nice to meet you! I'm Heather and I want to help you GROW as an artist.  I've been a photographer for over 17 years and I know what it feels like to want to improve your skills, work hard, hustle and use your photography to make a difference in this world.  I want to show you the proven framework I've used to sky rocket my photography client base into what it is today. 

I'm here to help you grow your artistry, gain confidence, and find community in the photography world. 

Close those twenty-six open browser tabs, you've just found your photography mentor

I'm heather! a dance & portrait photographer since 2007

Hey there!

the art of dance photography

a COLLECTION of courses

A collection of digital courses and coaching empowering photographers to find their artistic voice, gain confidence in photography, and create a community around their business.








the confident & consistent photographer

the confident & consistent photographer

the confident & consistent photographer

Want to GROW your photography business like crazy all while creating a sense of community around your business?  Discover the exact framework I used to create my highly successful HOP Ambassador Team. Discover your why, your purpose and your mission behind your business, super boost your PROFIT, all while having a thriving marketing team making you the top  photographer option in your area! This course is great for ANY genre of photographer looking to add a rep team! Not just for dance photographers. 

Are you ready to feel fully confident in any lighting situation? Lighting is our greatest tool as photographers.  This course will teach you how to harness that tool to create soft and timeless images, bold and dramatic scroll stopping images, and new and creative ways to use light for beginners to advanced photographers - we cover it all! Great for dance photographers or ANY photographer! 



  Do you want to learn how to see in slow motion and finally understand how to freeze and preserve precise dance moments that only exist in a photograph?  Welcome to the most exhilarating form of photography - Photographing Dancers! In this course you will learn how to safely work with dancers and how to effectively communicate with them. You will understand how to anticipate their movement, learn basic dance technique, and how to create captivating dance portraits using creative composition.   You will understand how the art of photography and the art of dance combine to create a new art medium - Dance Photography.  Unleash your inner artist!



the confident & consistent photographer


Do you know your way around your camera pretty well but still have questions and you just can't quite get it all to "click"?  Or maybe you are starting at the very beginning and would like some personalized coaching so that you can fast track your way to becoming the go to photographer in your area? Do you wish you had someone to virtually hold your hand so you can better understand how to photograph dancers or anyone for that matter? Want to take a deeper dive into how ambassador teams can work for YOU?  I've got you covered. 

the secret sauce!

great for all!

the perfect start!

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   join at the introductory price of just $279


   join at the introductory price of just $279

   join at the introductory price of just $279


  includes four 90 minute coaching calls 


limited time only

limited time only

limited time only



"I just finished The Art of Creating An Ambassador Team and I have to say this course was a game changer!! Heather does a brilliant job of explaining exactly what you need to do from top to bottom to create a successful Ambassador Program! This course is worth every penny and she should probably charge more!   She’s so motivational with the enthusiasm she has inside the course. I love that the course was packed with useful information. I have to say with other courses I have taken in the past I felt like the instructors went on and on before they ever got their point across. This is definitely not the case with Heather. She explains everything in detail without wasting any time. I have wanted to start an Ambassador Program for years since I have been a successful senior photographer for over 15 years now. However, I never knew quite how to get started. After taking this course, I’m so excited to start my Ambassador Program. I now feel I am well equipped to have a successful program! Thanks Heather!"

"...this course was a game-changer. . ."

The Art of Ambassador Teams


"Heather has been taking photos for us since my youngest was born.  She always captures the most special moments, even with a crazy toddler!  She always has the best ideas for photos but is also interested in hearing our ideas as well. She is so good with the little ones of all ages, and always makes us feel comfortable in any situation.  The end results are always better than we hoped for!"

"you simply must book her today! no regrets!


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kind words from past STUDENTS

"While I have owned my own photography business for over eight years, I know for certain that in this business, you are always learning and growing and pivoting. The photography business has changed so much since I began, and I felt I needed the assistance of someone I knew who had successfully been doing all of these things and more.

During a handful of in person sessions with Heather, she asked me questions that I had not even thought about asking myself. She not only reviewed some of the basics with me, she also pointed me in the right direction to start down a more focused path to become a more successful photographer and business owner. She is not only a great communicator and teacher, she is also a great friend! "

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"I really appreciate all the help Heather has been to me since I first started out with my photography business. She has mentored me as far as using different settings on the camera as well as different ways to edit my images to really make a difference. In addition, all the encouragement Heather has given me to pursue my photography business over the years has been invaluable.

She has also helped steer me in the right direction with marketing myself better through the use of social media. I’m very grateful for all the help Heather was to me in mentoring me recently in creating my own website. She was an excellent instructor that took the time to make sure it turned out the way I wanted it to. I love the results!!

Heather has been invaluable to me over the years with great advice that has helped my business be a success. "

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to guide you in this endeavor and watch your business skyrocket!

i cannot wait........

My goal in these courses is to help you see that Dance Photography is a beautiful collaborative effort between two artists.  The dancer brings the art and technique of dance while you bring the art and technique of photography - an exchange of ideas and information creates a new art medium - Dance Photography.

My hope for you is that these dance photography courses are one part understanding photography, one part understanding dancers and movement, and one part inspiration and motivation!  My goal for you is to "always look for beautiful light and beautiful moments, prompting them when necessary and capturing them as authentically as possible" in your own unique way. You are here to make a beautiful impact!

I truly want you to experience the beauty, the healing, the life-fulfilling journey that photography has become for me and those around me. I will show you my exact methods and framework that I used to build my  photography business to what it is today. 

I look forward to going on this journey with you inside "The Art of  Dance Photography".  




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