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Mother Daughter Portraits at PA Capitol in Harrisburg

a mother-daughter portrait session

Have you ever had a friend that understood you so well, you can go months or even years with little contact and then pick right back up where you left off? That’s the kind of friend Jess & Livia are for me! We spent many years together attending dance competitions, summer weeks at the beach, dinners out and traveling together with our daughters. When she contacted me about doing a mother-daughter photo shoot, I just knew we had to find the perfect location for them, and the Pennsylvania Capitol Complex in Harrisburg, PA did not disappoint!

The power of a photograph.  Jess and Livia have recently been through a tremendous loss as her mother/grandmother passed unexpectedly just over a year ago.  Jess was so close to her mom, who was a spirited, hysterical, feisty, thoughtful lady who I also enjoyed spending time with.  I still have videos of her mom’s crazy antics saved on my phone that continue to make me smile.  Photographs of her mother now hold a space so dear to her, that only those who have lost someone close can truly understand.  Jess shared with me that she wished she had more than just candid snapshots of her mother to cherish.   Taking the time to prioritize having frame worthy photos with her daughter became so important – so we made it happen!

The summer evening weather was just perfect, the sunlight was dreamy, the setting and the subjects were just stunning!  Her mother was there with us I’m quite sure – from the beautiful sun flares we captured, in the whisper of the summer breeze, to the silly “props” that echo her mother’s silly side – scroll to the end to see what I mean! Jess & Livia – thank you for taking the time to make photographs a priority in your lives. May your mom and grandmom’s spirit live on through the beautiful connection you have with each other. I know she is shining down on you and covering you with her love.

Much Love,


Hair: Jordan Thomas Salon

Wardrobe: Boutique 44

Location: The Pennsylvania Capitol


  1. Heather Ford says:

    These pictures are beautiful! Jess & Livia are so gorgeous!! You not only captured their outgoing, fun-loving personalities, but also their amazing bond beautifully! I’ve been friends with Jess for over 30 years, and can say Livia is just like Jess! I have so many great memories with Jess & her family, and glad to have pictures of MaryAnn. I’m so happy you were able to give this to Jess & Livia, I know these pictures will always be treasured.

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