Heather O’Steen Photography is Officially Relaunching!!

I have been working SOOO hard for months and months on my new rebranding and relaunching of my photography business!! TODAY IS THE DAY!! Timeless & Treasured Photography is now Heather O’Steen Photography! Timeless & Treasured was started way back in 2007 with a camera and a dream.  It was a dream that took a back seat to being mommy to three little girls, and then soon after  jumping into the life of being a homeschool family.  My little photography business continued to grow by tiny baby steps while I kept it on the back burner knowing that one day I could pay more attention to it.  Our last little baby girl is finishing up her last year as a homeschooler which made me start to wonder what I should be when I grow up! LOL!!

After lots of contemplating and even more prayer, it became very clear to me that this little business of mine that was more of a hobby was ready to become a full time business! I could not be more EXCITED!! I’ve been told a million times that I have a natural gift and I think I’ve finally grown up enough to not only finally believe it, but to actually ACT on it! After spending months and months researching, learning, taking classes on everything from running a business to posing, from lighting to SEO, I’m ready.  I’m ready to take on being an all out entrepreneur and all the obstacles and hurdles that come along with it!

Check out my fabulous new logo!

Soooo, what does this mean for you?? For a limited time only, I have a special relaunch pricing structure.  Check out my brand spankin’ new website here to find out all about it!!   Not only that – I will be taking on more weddings than ever before!  You can read more about weddings by clicking right here!  Even MORE exciting news to share –  I am launching a whole new section of business – Heather O’Steen Photography Education!  So many new and exciting things are happening – new photography gear, new branding, new website, so much education and much more!  There will be more mini sessions, more lifestyle sessions, and so many more themed stylized sessions!

Thank you so much to Michelle Baird Designs for my fabulous new branding!  I couldn’t be happier with everything she designed for me.  She was my original designer for my old Timeless & Treasured logo – and I love how she incorporated the old logo into the new one.  Look at just some of the fabulous new website colors and elements!

I can’t wait for you to check out my brand new website!! I feel like I just had a new baby! I have put approximately 6,349 hours into it – it has been a true labor of love – just ask my people!  Even my very old blog that dates waaaay back to 2007 has all been migrated and incorporated into my new site and blog! I’m so super happy to have everything all in one place now and seamlessly integrated.  My old blog has become like a family scrapbook to us, it’s a treasure. Soon the blog will have some even better updates and I can’t wait!

Just like my new website says……

I have learned how to run my small business over the past ten years, how to discover who I am as an artist, and how to use my natural gifts to bring joy and beauty into other’s lives. I can’t wait to serve you and show you just how beautiful you are!

Much Love,


  1. Ilrne says:

    Congratulations. Sounds very exciting. Glad you are going to be using your talent full time. Look out world….here comes heather.

  2. Karina says:

    Wooohooo so amazed to see your business and the beauty you put out there!!!

  3. Jen says:

    Gorgeous! Love love love!!!

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