Timberdoodle Review – Ravensburger 3D Puzzleball Globe

 Here is another great product from Timberdoodle – our favorite place to shop for very fun educational items for your kids or for homeschooling.  The thing I love most about their products is that kids don’t even realize they are learning, they are just having fun and spending time with family. The learning is an added bonus! This is true of our latest product to review – the Ravensburger Children’s Puzzleball Globe.

 This product was quick, easy and fun.  There was no prep work involved – just open and go!  Boo took a quick peek at the directions and then was off and running. 
 We were pleasantly surprised to see what great quality the puzzle ball was.  The puzzle pieces are thick plastic – not cardboard!  They are very durable and will last through never ending putting together and taking apart of the puzzle. 
 Each puzzle piece is numbered which is great because the puzzle itself can be pretty tricky.  I don’t think it would be as pleasant to put together without the numbers on the back of each piece. 
 We decided right away to use the cheat numbers on the back so we flipped all the pieces over to the white side first.

 Of course, Bentley the world’s cutest dog (who thinks he’s a cat) has to supervise any and all Timberdoodle product reviews for us!! He decided that the box made the perfect temporary dog bed – so if you have a dog in need of a temporary dog bed while you are simultaneously feeling the need to do a puzzle ball – then here is the perfect product for you! 

 It wasn’t long before one of the big sisters came along and jumped in to help.  We decided that one of us could start putting the pieces in numerical order to make things easier.  Then one sister started at number one and worked her way forward while another sister started at number 180 and worked her way backward. 

 Who knew that Antarctica also makes a great hat? 

 Just about the time we were getting all the pieces into place, we wondered if we had taken the best approach by meeting in the middle. We thought it may be difficult to join the two pieces of the globe together – but it wasn’t! It’s probably easiest to do it in numerical order all the way through, but we didn’t have much trouble at all snapping the two ends of the globe together.  The puzzle pieces all fit very nice and snug together and make the puzzle very strong once it’s put together. 

 We had lots of fun joking about seeing to the middle of the earth, and singing “He’s got the Whole World in His Hands”.  Bentley thought we were all just a little bit nuts. 

 The puzzle comes with this little disc to rest the puzzle on while you are working.  It would be essential if you were putting this puzzle together all alone. 
 Is it just us or does every kid in every family always want to put the last piece of the puzzle in? Even when said kid is 20 years old.  Anybody- anybody? 

 The puzzle also comes with this easy to put together stand for your finished puzzle ball to be displayed on!  It is able to turn nicely just like any globe would.  The details on the globe itself are nice but not quite as detailed as you might find on a regular globe.  It even looks great displayed on the homeschool desk! 
 And Mom even had some photography fun once the puzzle ball was complete!! This is what MY world feels like lately – how about you? 

I was sent this product to review as a member of Timberdoodle’s blog team.  All opinions are strictly my own. 

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