The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore – Happy 2nd Birthday Carter!

2nd birthday at The Maryland Zoo!

Carter celebrated turning TWO at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore with a fun photo session. This cute little boy has been in front of my camera since he was just a few days old. He absolutely LOVES zoo animals so it was the perfect location to document everything about his TWO-NESS right now.

Carter tried so hard to make his little fingers show “2”.

Hopping on the lily pads like a frog has been a favorite for Baltimore’s kids for decades!

The tree slide is another Baltimore tradition – every kid that has grown up here has had a trip or two down the tree slide! I caught a hysterical blooper of Carter plummeting off the end of the slide, but don’t worry he recovered just fine. 🙂

These llamas seriously crack me up.  The light one is all proud and serious, and the dark one is just like “pet me and tell me I’m pretty”.

Happiest of birthdays to you Carter!! You are the perfect addition to your very full family life. You were given one of the best mommy’s out there who loves you more than you will ever know! I hope your day is full of zoo animals, laughter, family, friends, fun and everything you love!

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