November Homeschooling – The One with an American History Tour

It’s been a whirlwind of a month! November completely got away from me without any homeschooling blogging, so I thought I would do an entire month-at-a-glance post.  There was a LOT of homeschooling happening this past month – so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a LOT of pictures!! 🙂 
 A little help from our favorite cutest Latin tutor. 

 Being completely fascinated while learning about magnetism.

 Understanding magnetic force with Mrs. Theresa 🙂 

 She grew another year older and another year wiser this month! 
 We had special visitors from FL for a birthday celebration, as well as a wonderful American history tour.  We live in the best place to explore our nations history in person! 

 Cousin Tanek is also homeschooled so we joined him and Aunt Stephanie as they are studying American History this year.  Even though our history this year is Greek and Roman times, it was a great introduction for Miss Em.

 What else do you get a girl that loves to read more than breathe – but BOOKS for her birthday!?

We had a lovely little Birthday Photo Session which you can see HERE. – She also had a great birthday party with her friends that you can see HERE.

She learned about how the voting process works by accompanying me to the polls, and continued on in her weekly piano lessons – which she is absolutely THRIVING in – she is a musical genius! I think we may have found her true talent.  I can’t wait to see where this leads! 

First stop on the AH tour was Fort McHenry in Baltimore to learn all about the war of 1812, Francis Scott Key and how the Star Spangled Banner was written. (Lots of I-phone pictures in this post – pardon the poor quality). 

 They explored the fort and saw first hand how the soldiers lived and fought.

Next stop was Philadelphia PA to visit Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed, and to see the Liberty Bell and so much more! 

 Then it was on to Gettysburg, PA – it was a beautiful day and we had so much fun exploring such a sad part of our nation’s history.

Standing in the very spot where Abraham Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address.  She already has a good amount of it memorized from hearing her older sisters recite it over the years.

 While Nana was visiting, she taught her how to sew using the machine.

We spent some beautiful sunny November days at the playground, just Boo and Mommy – here she was learning about gravity!

 She’s taken up knitting! She has made a hat and a purse this month. “Gym” class includes ballet and jazz.

We spent the last few days of November with Punkin home for Thanksgiving break. We enjoyed a day at the National Harbor visiting the Ice display.  Boo and Daddy rode this huge ferris wheel!

 With the beginning of the winter weather, we always enjoy our Jan Brett books.

 She recreated the entire book with all the animals gathering inside the mitten. 

 She still tags along to moms photography class at Banana’s school.  She brings her camera and has already learned so much.  She is also handy as a model when teaching the class about light! 

 Always very creative with how to hold her pencil.

 This has become our new favorite read aloud – highly recommend it! 
With her beloved piano teacher.  Next up is CHRISTMAS!!! 


  1. Loved seeing your homeschooling month! What an amazing education! And great photos! Good to catch up again!

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