Nicole and Michael Cano’s Fairytale Wedding

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I had the honor of capturing the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen – and it was for my niece! Not only was she the most stunning bride ever, but the entire day was so flawlessly planned that it was just absolutely picture perfect.  I have photographed many weddings and this one was by far the most well planned and orchestrated out of any of them.  In turn, the bride, the wedding party and all the guests enjoyed themselves so much! The biggest advice I would give to brides planning a wedding is to PLAN PLAN PLAN!! And build in soooo much more cushion time throughout the day than you ever think you will need.  A non-rushed bride is a very happy bride.   Meeting with your photographer at least once before the wedding is also crucial.  These beautiful pictures don’t always just happen – yes I will capture the non-planned moments of the day, but many beautiful wedding images take some fore-thought and some planning on the part of the bride AND the photographer.  
The wedding ceremony location and venue was absolutely stunning.  The Chapel at the University of Northwestern in St. Paul, Minnesota and the reception at Edinburgh USA.  

 I always LOVE when the bride and groom choose to do a “first look” before the ceremony.  It allows so many more opportunities for great pictures – during and after!  Nicole’s groom was teary at so many times throughout the day.  They share such a beautiful love between them, and it was truly an honor to be able to capture it all. 

 It was so special to be the aunt AND the photographer for this wedding.  This moment, just before the doors opened before Nicole and her dad to walk down the aisle, she laid her head on his shoulder and looked back at me.   We had planned out this photo before hand, but in that moment all I could see was the little toddler that her daddy used to carry around looking back at me over his shoulder.  That’s when my ugly cry started, and it lasted all the way down the aisle.  Then I was able to GET A GRIP and focus on the job at hand. 

You can click HERE to see all the family fun that happened throughout the wedding weekend! 


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