A Ballerina Inspired Engagement Session

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It was the early winter of 2016 and my tiny dancer had just landed her first role in the local dance theater of Peter Pan as Wendy’s little baby brother, Michael Darling.  Guess who played the role of Wendy?  This beautiful girl right here – Molly!  Molly has been such a special part of our lives ever since.  She and my Emily share the sweetest bond even though they are almost a decade apart in age.  I can hardly believe she is now engaged to be married! Molly and Matthias are just the absolute sweetest couple. Their love for each other makes me remember what it was like when I was first madly in love with my own fiancé over 27 years ago!

Beautiful young love is such a sweet, innocent, pure and raw emotion and it was simply palpable between these two!  Molly is the most incredible dancer and it’s been an absolute gift to watch her dance over the last few years, and to have her spend time and mentor my own daughter.  Molly – thank you for the beautiful gifts you give to this world through your sweet spirit, your graceful, beautiful, elegant, and celebrated talent for dance, and now your love for Matthias.  I pray that your marriage will be a marvelous extension of the sweet soul that you are, and that you will both reap abundant blessings as your two lives become one this summer! I am counting the days until we get to celebrate the day you become husband and wife!


Much Love,


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