Homeschool – A Month in Review

 It’s certainly been a busy homeschool month here.  We had a visit from Nana – (lots of pictures coming up!), a birthday celebration, and two visits home from our college Punkin.  We are anxiously awaiting spring and spending lots of time outside investigating for signs of it anywhere and everywhere.  It’s definitely late this year.   While Nana was here, she spent some time teaching Boo how to sew.  She started on this quilt and it’s almost finished now!

 In science we are working on the solar system. We are planning a trip to the planetarium at the science center very soon!

 Pretending to be a supernova exploding in space!!  The explosion sends atoms flying out into space.

 Drawing a diagram of an atom…neutrons, protons, electrons and her favorite word – QUARKS!

 Creating the solar system…

 Adding several constellations…

 Watching the total solar eclipse video that took place in Europe…

 SIDE NOTE: She wore this favorite purple striped sweater almost every day last month…..sadly it has a huge hole in it now…. (thank goodness…..)

 Watching our favorite Little Bear episode about constellations…

I know I’ve said it before – but graph paper and long division are best friends!! 🙂

 Keeping hands busy while listening to read-alouds…

 Our favorite way to learn Geography – Geopuzzles!

 Math games…

 The coolest science experiment ever!

 Learn about refracting light with only water, clear nail polish and black construction paper – google it!

 We are in LOVE with our new Life of Fred math books – we look forward to this EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Highly recommended as a supplement to any math curriculum.  We started at the very beginning and are catching up to her level – it’s so much fun!  That guy keeps us laughing and learning so much more than just math!

We also love our Boogie Board! 

 A spontaneous poem she wrote on the first day of spring….

 Okay – the sweater was pretty cute….

 Don’t you just love our titles she gave us? Head Teacher and Principal.

 Lunch time is always fun with Mrs. Frizzle and The Magic School Bus.

 One of the best literature masterpieces ever!

 Learning about geometric shapes with glue and toothpicks…

 The mess that happens on a daily basis – I’m starting to rethink that whole “we don’t need a homeschool room” idea….  We are definitely homeschooling again next year so we may be making things a bit more permanent around here soon.

 Learning about lines of symmetry using mirrors..

 Making tessellations in math…

 a studious puppy!

 She can’t get enough of this book lately – The Story of Inventions.

 She chose her favorite invention from the book and did a report and poster on it – she chose – THE TOILET!  That’s a good invention 🙂

My ballerina book-loving girl.

 We also enjoyed An Evening for the Arts this month with our school.  Boo was thrilled to be with her old classmates. My middle and high school photography students had a beautiful display of their work from my class this year – which I forgot to take a picture of.  They did a great job!

 Banana made this cool wire art sculpture of a dancer.

So good to be back with her friends for a fun evening!


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