Happy Mother’s Day to All My Heather O’Steen Photography Mommas!

To all the mothers who were brave enough to get in front of my camera this past year – I want to say a very special Happy Mother’s Day to you! You created priceless memories for your children and your entire families. Here’s to the moms that were becoming a mom for the very first time, moms that were struggling through the toddler years, moms deep in the trenches of science projects and dance classes, moms about to watch their children drive off to college, moms giving away their babies in marriage, moms who are watching their own babies have babies, and several warrior moms kicking cancers butt. My momma clients are killing it with being intentional about time spent with their families and documenting their journey for the next generation. Happy Mother’s Day to all my Heather O’Steen Photography Mommas!!

Much Love,

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