Candygrams – The Colorful Crossword Game

A Timberdoodle Review of Candygrams

Even though we no longer homeschool, we just love doing product reviews for Timberdoodle.  This game was so pretty and colorful I was drawn right to it.  My girls said it was their favorite part of the game as well – the beautiful colors.

Candygrams is basically just a crossword puzzle very similar to Scrabble, but kicked up notch! The terminology made it even more interesting.   Your letter tiles are “candies”, your pile of letter tiles is your “shoppe” and the remaining tiles are called the “candy jar”.  Younger kids would enjoy this aspect.

As always, Bentley the Worlds Cutest Dog had to make an appearance and give his opinion on the game.  He said it smelled fabulous but didn’t taste very good.  He also said that anything that brings his humans together to do something fun is two paws up in his book!

There are two ways to play – standard or express.  Basically the difference is playing by taking turns or playing as quickly as possible to see who gets rid of all their “candies” first.

The game begins with each player choosing 25 “candies” and then creating one word as their foundation using all three colors. My Boo was so excited that she was able to come up with a GREAT foundation word – ATMOSPHERE! We all couldn’t believe she had such a long word available in her tiles.

The play continues by rolling the dice and whichever two colors it lands on, you use those colored “candies” to add a word onto your foundation word.  If you roll a double (two of the same color) all players can exchange a letter tile.  The tile you exchange remain face up.  Your opponents can then choose any face up or face down candy to complete their trade.

My girls enjoyed this game but they didn’t love it.  They are 14 and 19 years old. They said it was actually harder than they thought it would be.  Scrabble on a sugar high is how they described it!  🙂  The age range on it is 7 and up.  It seems like a simple game but it can be quite tricky.   If you love to spell and enjoy games like Scrabble then this would be a good fit!  Kids who are just learning how to spell larger words would probably enjoy this the most.   It would make a fabulous Christmas gift for any age.  The added bonus is  playing something together at an actual table, with other humans – instead of simply playing Scrabble on a digital device like most 14 and 19 year olds today would prefer to do!

Plus, Bentley the Worlds Cutest Dog thought that it made a fabulous pillow!

You can find the game Candygrams on the Timberdoodle website site by clicking here.

GIVEAWAY!!!  We are giving away this fun little game to one lucky blog reader!  Leave a comment below for a chance to win this fun colorful word game!   Shipping inside the US only!


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  1. KARLA says:

    Sounds like it would be a great fit for lovers of word games! And I always love seeing Bentley, so it was fun he was so interested. Thanks for your great review!

  2. Jessica Dunbar says:

    This is so cute!!! I just love this game but even more being a dog less individual, I love your Bently!!

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