Abby and Chris Engagement Session

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She was 12 years old and walked into my daughter’s little private christian school and suddenly they were lifelong friends – now she is engaged and getting married!  Abby was a bridesmaid in my own daughter’s wedding and now my daughter is a bridesmaid in her wedding!  You know how sometimes as a parent, you feel like some of their friends are just as dear to you as your own children?  That is how we feel about Abby.  My husband has dropped a hint or two that Abby is his favorite of all our daughter’s friends!

I had the pleasure of traveling through London, Paris, Rome and Florence with this beautiful girl and her mom and I have so many memories (and pictures!) of her middle and high school years.  My camera has captured her playing sports, traveling abroad, being silly at sleepovers and birthday parties, her senior portraits with her twin brother, her engagement pictures and next will be her wedding!  Abby is such a special girl and the love she has for Chris is so apparent in our time we spent together at their session.  Her soon-to-be-groom is a Youth Pastor and I’m so excited for their future together living in North Carolina!  I just know that the students they are pouring their hearts and souls into will be forever changed by their love for them, for each other, and for God. I can’t wait to see what your future holds Abby and Chris!  The countdown is ON for your big day! 


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  1. Teresa Crouse says:

    Heather, thank you so much for your sweet words and amazing pictures!

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